Side Trips

Side Trip 5 – East Africa Adventures in 13 Days

Huge spaces cooked by the African sun, and volcanoes gushed forth from the bowels of the Earth, large lakes, wild and free (always some risk), herds in the thousands (millions in the case of wildebeest), landscapes worthy of the Garden of Eden, savannahs spotted at infinity of acacia and baobab trees, all on an area almost twice as large as France. Offshore, the Tanzanian islands of Zanzibar and Pemba are the two pearls ocean sounds magical, fragrant with spices, and tours to Eastern culture. Tanzania appears to have taken the train from the history of the world relatively recently. While cities like Dar es Salaam or Arusha are currently struggling, the rest of the country should reassure the traveler who discovers Tanzania today. Unable to tame nature saved the trivialization of Tanzania. This country of breathtaking beauty reminds us of the origins of man (Olduvai Gorge). Provided that space travel, a safari in Tanzania is a strange surge in time, a memorable foray into the animal world. Parks of Tanzania, fewer than neighboring Kenya, there are much larger (especially the Serengeti) and animals are born, grow, and breed like a kingdom where the visitor is a guest of passage, contemplative and compassionate.

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