Elephant Freedom Project -Sri Lanka

At the Elephant retirement home project in Sri Lanka we are giving domesticated elephants a
life most could only dream off. No dragging around of felled trees, no constricted and solitary
life at a temple or private home, no continuous elephant rides with or without the Howdah.

This project is unique as the elephants are roaming the grounds freely, unchained and there are
absolutely no tourist rides. The elephant keepers (mahouts) are experienced and therefore
rarely need to use force to correct the elephants.Your day as a volunteer is filled with activities
which differ on a daily basis. The main activities are feeding the elephants, bathing the elephants,
join the elephants on their walks, upkeep of the project site which includes cleaning the elephant beds,
cleaning up after the elephants, checking the fencing, helping in the eco garden, maintaining the project

There is no doubt that your contribution to the project as a volunteer is of great importance as the project

doesn’t employ lots of staff. Unlike some projects, without the volunteers this project could simply not survive.

Project days Monday to Friday – weekends are free to explore the island.
Arrival day,you are welcome to arrive on Sundays.

Project fee is 311 GBP which includes meals and airport transfers.

Project is located in beautiful rural area, on the bottom of an hill, near the famous Pinnawala elephant orphanage, near the city of Kegalle.


At the unique Elephant Freedom project:

– You as volunteer get loads of time with the elephants
– Elephants walk the grounds freely
– Your help is really needed to care for the elephants
– Help with elephant bathing, food preparation, feeding and cleaning
– Elephants are Free from forced labour
– You will be able to explore the rice paddy fields and jungle areas
– Elephants and you go for daily elephant walks
– Elephants are not chained
– Engage in Enrichment games with the elephants
– Explore the nearby waterfall and bird sanctuary
– Explore the local town for food shopping
– Grow fruit and vegetables for the Elephants in the Eco garden
– Help at the local school, disabled home and/or orphanage


For a detailed volunteer brief please complete enquiry form and we will respond within 24 hrs.

*Rates assume payment by international swift bank transfer only,additional surcharge applicable if paying by credit card.

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